Rules of the Game

Rules of Battle YUM!

  1. First and foremost: Have fun spending time with loved ones and competing with friends. Don’t play if it’s not fun.
  2. Battles: Four ingredients are chosen for each battle by the editors, and these ingredients will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and this website, along with the battle start and end dates. Battles usually last about two weeks. You can create your dish any time during that period. The current battle is shown on our main Battle page.
  3. Substitutions: Make a reasonable substitution for a battle ingredient if your diet does not include it (e.g.: vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, low-fat, kosher). No substitutions are allowed for ingredients you simply don’t like. It’s time to try something new! Or just don’t play that week.
  4. What to post: To play Battle YUM, you must post:
    1. your recipe
    2. a description of the reactions from your tasters
    3. at least one large photo or remotely-hosted video of the dish
  5. Where to post: Two ways to post:
    1. Post to your own blog, then tweet about it to @battleyum using the battle name in a hashtag, such as #strawbreadhoneycream. We reserve the right to only post selected recipes from remote blogs.
    2. Blog here on our siteRegister as a member of Battle YUM, and you will receive a password by email. We reserve the right to limit membership at any time, and to edit posts for appropriateness and format. If you already have a password, just Log In. If you have any questions about how to post, just let us know.
  6. When to post: You can post for any battle at any time, but please post before the end date to be sure you’ll be included in the battle judging.
  7. Prizes: There are no prizes in Battle YUM… only bragging rights. Judging is purely subjective on the part of the editors, and may be based on creativity and fan feedback. Oh yeah, it’s on. Stop whining and start cooking.

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