Turkey Corndogs with Peppadew/Ricotta Aioli

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When I heard turkey and corn bread my mind flew to my daughter who could live on corndogs. She just loves them so much so I wondered ‘why couldn’t I make them myself, but healthier?’ So I did!

I was inspired by a Pinterest photo of hot dog corn muffins in a muffin tin. So I prepared the cornbread using the directions on the Jiffy box, boiled some turkey hotdogs, cut them up and packed them in the corn muffins. Then I thought a dipping sauce would be in order, so I made an Aioli with the Peppadew and Ricotta and served it with them. I found the Peppadews by the olives in the supermarket – they were hotter than I thought they would be, but they were yummy – I kept popping them in my mouth as I was cooking because I love spicy food so much. I was concerned about the peppadews in the aioli, but the heat didn’t come through hardly at all.

Result? The family loved it. Kelly was in heaven – kept dousing the aioli sauce on her muffin and Steven ate the whole thing and said it was really good. He just “sort of likes” corn muffins, but with the addition of the hot dog, he said it was filling. The sauce he wasn’t impressed with, though he doesn’t like sauce to begin with. I thought the entire thing was just fine. It was tasty, it was baked, not fried and next time I would make the Aioli without the Ricotta, but only because we have lactose issues. The addition of it this time just made it cheesier.



Turkey Corndogs with Peppadew/Ricotta Aioli



  • 1 package of turkey hotdogs - follow the boiling directions - will be better for texture in the corndog
  • Jiffy Cornbread Mix - follow ingredients and directions on the box
  • 5 or more peppedews
  • about 1/2 cup mayo
  • about 1/4 cup olive oil (or less)
  • about 1/4 cup ricotta cheese
  • salt

Boil the dogs and let them cool, then cut up in thirds

Mix the ingredients together for the corn bread per Jiffy Box recipe. Then fill a lined muffin tin halfway. Then push the turkey dog in and cover. Repeat. Bake per the direction time on the box. Cool and then slice halfway through.

For the aioli, in a blender blend together the peppedews, mayo, olive oil, salt and cheese - taste as you go along, adding or subtracting per your taste - I had started with three peppadews and added two more.


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