Sesame Crusted Tofu with Sesame Lime Chicken

Main Ingredients
chicken lime sesame seeds sugar snap peas tofu
Topea Sesalime


You ever walk into a house and the smell is just so mouth wateringly tantalizing you know that when you sit
down to eat the meal it’s going to be an amazing experience? Cooking this dish made the house smell fantastic. The infusion of the sesame oil and lime marinade, mixed in with garlic and fresh ginger, well, it made made me drool as it was cooking. I was so stoked for this dish, I can’t tell you.

Result? Eh. Well, not even really eh. I followed a recipe for Sesame Crusted Tofu and it was like munching on cardboard on a blech piece of nothingness inside it. The chicken was just ok. I thought the marinade would be amazing with it and it wasn’t. BUT, what was good was the marinade on the rice. I ended up ignoring both the chicken and the tofu and simply eating the snow peas on the rice and pouring spoonfuls of the marinade on it.  And, to make matters worse, it didn’t even look good on the plate – just very white, pale and a spec of green with burnt sesame. Not my best effort.

Family verdict? Not a keeper. Husband ate it and was very quiet. That’s never good. He finished his entire plate (he always eats what I cook him, bless his soul), but you could tell his heart wasn’t in it. Felt so bad! My daughter thought the marinade was the worst part. Worst!? Yeesh. But, I loved the marinade, though I would never make this dish again, even to try to fix it. Frankly folks, because of that, I’m not sharing the recipe – there’s no reason to. You can look up sesame crusted tofu dishes and sesame lime chicken dishes and probably find ones much tastier than the one I posted, so not going to do it! Next time! Ok, bring on the next challenge!


Sesame Crusted Tofu with Sesame Lime Chicken


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