Old Fashioned Reuben Sandwich

Main Ingredients
corned beef rye bread Sauerkraut in bowl swiss cheese thousand island

Reuben SandwichI am constantly in search of the perfect Reuben sandwich. I just absolutely love how all the components of that sandwich come together. It’s salty, crunchy, cheesy, tangy… So, I decided that with this particular challenge, why not make it for dinner? And the fact is, I may have found the perfect Reuben…. it’s mine! :)

I started by making homemade corned beef and cooked it myself for 3 hours… adding pickling spice, red potatoes and corn. My husband is not the type of guy that likes sandwiches for dinner. It confuses him and he thinks they should only be eaten for lunch, so he was going to taste my challenge recipe and then eat the corned beef and sides separately. (read ahead to see how THAT went!)

I sliced the corned beef, heated up sauerkraut, added a “mild” swiss cheese and thousand island dressing and toasted the seedless rye bread in a pan with butter. Result? DELICIOUS! My husband took one bite and all he did was nod. He actually looked sad when he had to eat his deconstructed plate I’d made for him. And I’ll tell you this, after he finished that plate, I made another fresh half sandwich and he ate that, too. Said it was great, nothing was overpowering, it all went together. Daughter ate a whole sandwich and another half and said that she really liked it and that “nothing stands out more than another.” Me? My favorite sandwich and I loved that I controlled how thick the slices should be, how much dressing, the crunch – all of it. A definite success!


Old Fashioned Reuben Sandwich


  • Corned beef
  • sauerkraut
  • swiss cheese (I used a mild one that's lactose free from Finlandia)
  • seedless rye bread
  • Thousand Island Dressing
  • pickling spice (I used half a McCormick's spice container)
  • butter
  • Optional: Red potatoes (5 or 6) and fresh ears of corn, which I added into the water while the corned beef was cooking.


Boil water in a large pot and add corned beef and 1/2 jar of pickling spice. Reduce heat and simmer corned beef for 3 -3 1/2 hours. 2 hours in, I'll add the red potatoes and another 1/2 hour after that I'll add fresh ears of corn. Slice corned beef thinly when done.

For the Sandwich. Heat the sauerkraut in a pan. In another pan, melt butter. Spread thousand island dressing on one side of a piece of bread and the side that is not dressed, lay in the butter in the pan. On top of the bread, add sliced corned beef, a layer of sauerkraut and a slice of swiss cheese. Then add the second slice of bread. Flip over and grill the other side, pressing down on the sandwich. I will also cover the pan to help the cheese melt further. Flip a few times till it's grilled to your liking, slice and enjoy!

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  1. Oh, I would have went for the seeded rye bread but otherwise, this sounds absolutely delicious. May have to give it a try when some of the ingredients come into season.\

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