Halloween Cake!

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After the debacle of the last challenge, where my red peppercorn pannecotta was panned by the family, I was determined to create a dish for this Halloween Challenge that would accomplish two things a) it would have to taste good and b) it would have to wow my kids and instill in them that I can still cook! So, when I heard about this challenge and we decided on colors, I decided on cake. And don’t kill me now, I’m confessing up frontĀ I didn’t make them from scratch. I bought boxed cake mixes and a box of food coloring and dyed my cakes. Duncan Hines Red Velvet was the red layer, and two white cake mixes were dyed with food coloring to make orange and green. In fact, my kids did the dyeing and loved watching the colors pop! Dark fudge icing was the black on the outside and within each layer of cake.

When it was done, this three tiered masterpiece was cut to oohs and aahs from the family. They thought it was delicious and I have again been put back in their good graces. The photo does not due justice on the cake, but that’s because I need to learn how to take food photos. But, they loved it and if I ignore the horrific amounts of dye I used, I would conceivably do this idea again.


Halloween Cake!


This really had no real recipe. Buy three cake mixes, one red velvet and two white cake mixes. I bought Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake and two store brand white cake box mixes. Using food coloring from a kit you get in the baking aisle, dye the white cake mixes - one green, one orange. Then bake all three with the directions on the cakeĀ  package instructions.

Then when cooled, layer each one, with a thick wad of chocolate frosting (I used Duncan Hines). Frost the entire cake, cut and enjoy!

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  1. I’ll have to give this a try as dessert when I do my Haunted Soup again. The grandkids would go crazy. Do you think a yellow cake mix (as a base) might have made it easier to do Orange?

  2. It was easy to dye it. White is best because you just mix the right amount of colors and orange pops up quickly. The EASIEST thing would have been to use a Pumpkin Cake, but I was concerned about the taste. :)

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