Frosted Flake Fried Shrimp and Cucumber Maki with Spicy Pineapple Chili Sauce

Main Ingredients
cucumber frosted flakes pineapple shrimp

When I saw these ingredients, for my first Battle: Yum, I must say I wasn’t too stoked.  Cucumber is one of the few foods I really loathe.  But, the only way I eat it (besides pickled) is in sushi, so I immediately thought of sushi for this battle.  My favorite Asian buffet does a delicious tempura shrimp sushi, so I figured I could sub frosted flake coated fried shrimp for an approximation.  And to get the pineapple in the mix, I decided to make a dipping sauce–spicy to counterbalance the sweetness of the pineapple and frosted flakes, and as an alternative to the more traditional wasabi.

End result:  my husband really liked these.  One of my sons ate the sushi rice.  I *loved* the pineapple chili sauce.


Frosted Flake Fried Shrimp and Cucumber Maki with Spicy Pineapple Chili Sauce


Ingredients for the maki roll:

  • 1 sheet nori
  • 3 large shrimp (per roll)
  • About 1 1/2 tablespoons cucumber cut into fine matchsticks
  • Enough sushi rice, prepared according to package directions, to thinly cover the nori
  • 1 egg, beaten with 2 teaspoons of water
  • Crushed frosted flakes, seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder
  • Oil for frying
  • Black sesame seeds for garnish


Dip a shrimp in the beaten egg, then roll it in crushed seasoned frosted flakes.  Set aside, and repeat until all shrimp are breaded.  You'll need 3 shrimp for each maki roll, but I made some extras since I was frying things anyway.  They're great just with the pineapple chili sauce!

In a large skillet, heat about a half inch of vegetable oil over medium heat until hot but not smoking.  I use a wooden chopstick to test it--the oil should bubble around the edges of the chopstick when you dip then end into the oil.

Add breaded shrimp to the hot oil.  Fry for about 45 seconds per side, until the frosted flake crumbs are lightly browned.  Remove to a paper towel to drain.

Place a sheet of nori on a bamboo sushi mat, or just a piece of waxed paper if, like me, you don't have a bamboo sushi mat.  Cut to the width you'll need--I used about 3/4 of a sheet.

Use damp hands to press a thin layer of prepared sushi rice over the nori.  Place the matchstick cucumber in a line down the center, then add a row of fried shrimp.  You can leave the tails sticking out the ends, but remember to remove the tail from the center shrimp!

Use the sushi mat or waxed paper to help you roll the maki up.  Press it together well to make sure it all sticks.  Using a sharp knife, but the roll into slices about 3/4" thick.  Place on a plate, and sprinkle with black sesame seeds.

Ingredients for Spicy Pineapple Chili Sauce:

  • 1 8 oz. can of crushed pineapple
  • Splash of Chili Oil (about 1 tablespoon, to taste)
  • Splash of soy sauce (about 2 teaspoons, to taste)
  • Sprinkle of red pepper flakes (about 1/2 teaspoon, to taste)


Add all ingredients to food processor.  Whirl it all up until you have a smooth, spicy, sweet sauce.  Use in place of wasabi/soy sauce with the maki roll.

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