Grilled Crab Avocado Bacon Cheese Sandwich

Main Ingredients
hard cheeses avocado bacon white bread cheddar crab mushrooms velveeta

cheesy-crab-avocado-bacon-sandwichI was trying to figure out what to have for lunch. I wanted something and I knew it wasn’t soup.  So what is the other half?  Sandwich.  Peanut butter and jelly? Bologna? Then I got this email about the next challenge. Grilled cheese sandwich.  I read the required ingredients list and my mind went into overload at “fillings – your choice.”  I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich but not just any sandwich.  It was the fillings I was thinking about. So a quick visit to the grocery store was in order since I knew I didn’t have some of the things I wanted or needed.  It was a mad dash home and like a mad scientist in the lab — I began to cook.  Normally flipping a grilled cheese sandwich is easy but this became a feat of mechanical fantasy.  I made 3 sandwiches. By the time I flipped the 3rd one, I had it under control.  What I didn’t control was the heat and although the picture appears that I burned them, it is really only a light scorch.  Call it very dark toast.  Was my concoction tasty?  My 101 yr old MIL repeated five times how tasty and good the sandwich was. She wanted to know what it was. My wife told her a grilled cheese sandwich. She said “In all my years, I’ve never had anything like this. This is good!”  I do believe I should have made 6, not 3.

Addendum: 4/16/2013. I just had to make these again. My SIL was over and heard about them. Jokingly I asked if she would prefer pepper-jack to cheddar. She wanted pepper-jack and so I made her and my sandwich with pepper-jack cheese.  The avocado I purchases was a little too ripe so I blended what remained with some guacamole and spread it on the top slice of bread.  I used canned crab meat.  Results were phenonmenal. The pepper jack added a nice ‘bite’ to the sandwich. When I think about it – the guacamole had lime juice — hmmm?  Also, I think I could have had a little more crab meat. Nonetheless, my SIL was impressed and wants to try building one of these for her husband.cheesy-crab2-avocado-bacon-sandwich


Grilled Crab Avocado Bacon Cheese Sandwich


The ingredients for this are going to be strange measurements since it is what you like and how much of it you want.  Let me list the ingredients for each sandwich.

  • 2 slices of bread
  • 1 slice Provolone cheese
  • 1 slice cheddar cheese
  • 1 slice Velveeta cheese
  • bacon
  • onion
  • mushroom
  • crab meat
  • avocado
  • butter, at room temperature OR melted and have a brush

The real trick to this is prepping.  For 3 sandwiches, I thinly sliced the onion, about 1/2 of a medium onion. I sliced about 5 mushrooms. I used one large avocado. I did up about 7 slices of bacon. Since I live in the boondocks, I was able to get imitation crab meat. I considered canned but didn't use it.  I really wanted fresh/frozen minced crab but that wasn't available.

I cooked the bacon until it was nice and crispy.  Removed it to a paper towel to drain off the excess grease.  I lowered the temperature of the burner and using the grease of the bacon, I slowly carmelized the onions and mushrooms.  When cooked, I placed them on a paper towel to drain.

Now for the construction of the sandwich...

I buttered a slice of bread. Put butter side down.  I put on a slice of Provolone cheese. Then I added the crab meat I had minced.  Next was the slice of Velveeta cheese. Then I added the bacon and on top of that, the carmelized onions and mushrooms. To make sure the avocado stayed in place, I put it on next and then added a slice of cheddar cheese.  I buttered another slice of bread and put it one so the butter side was out.  I placed this tall sandwich on a griddle and let it grill.  I put a domed lid on it to help melt the cheeses.  I flipped it over and grilled the other side.  Note: It doesn't take as long for the 2nd side to grill as the 1st side.  Go figure.

I did consider a thin slice of tomato to go on before the bacon but my wife didn't want any so I didn't try it.

Personally, I think real crab, even the canned type, would have been better but still, overall, the sandwich was a hit and I look forward to making this again... uh, TWO sandwiches for me, f'sure!

Also, this is NOT a 5 minute -- throw-together type sandwich. There is a lot of pre-prep before you start the construction... but trust me, it is well worth the wait!

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    • I bought some canned crab meat today. I am thinking about maybe Tuesday trying it again but this time I will definitely be making me TWO sandwiches.

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