Battle Tunama Almapple

Main Ingredients
almonds jicama pineapple tuna

tunamaalmappleHey all you Battle Yum warrior fans! We’ve missed these fun in-home cooking challenges, so we’re back. We were going to dive right in with a Halloween challenge, combining things like candy corn and pumpkin and  bacon in crazy ways. BUT: we’ve had a Halloween challenge before, and we wanted to start out easy this time. So we waited until after Halloween, and came up with a combo that is simple, not in the least bit scary, and so very yum!

  • tuna
  • jicama
  • almonds
  • pineapple

The inspiration for this combination comes from a fantastic salad from Seasons 52 that your trusty battlemeister ADORES. I think I’ve had the Maui Tuna Crunch salad just about once a week for the past three months straight. So let’s see what you’ve got – I’m drooling thinking about it!

This battle ends on November 15, 2015. Learn more about Battle: YUM, check the rules, and join the battle!

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