Battle Halloween Colors

Main Ingredients
blood red midnight black pumpkin orange slimy green
halloween colors

It’s October, and you know what that means… avoiding candy like the plague!! This crazy month, we’re mixing things up… we want to see the creepiest food you can dream up! The Battle: YUM twist this time is to limit something other than the ingredients … the dish has to be plated with only the following colors:

  • Midnight Black
  • Pumpkin Orange
  • Slimy Green
  • Blood Red

You can use any ingredients as long as they transform into these colors. And just to be even more different: we’re doing a double battle. We want to do a tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness month, so check out our all-pink battle! Do one battle or both – it’s your choice.

This battle runs through November 1. Learn more about Battle YUM, check the rules, and join the battle!

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