Battle Beakal Cashmap

Main Ingredients
cashews kale maple syrup white beans

One of the interesting parts of Battle YUM is that it addresses various differences in our diets. One of our kitchen warriors is vegetarian, one is dairy-free, and one is tree-nut-free. We know that not everyone can use every ingredient, but figuring out substitutions is part of the challenge.

Introducing Battle Beakal Cashmap. This is officially our first “meatless” challenge, but it also adds a treenut element. It also uses two ingredients that I personally don’t like, but I have no valid reason not to use them… so my family will be trying something new this week! Here we go:

  • White beans
  • Kale
  • Cashews
  • Maple Syrup

Learn more about Battle YUM, check the rules, and join the battle!

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